My Tower – Dubai Marina

Park View Tower – JVC
January 10, 2016
Judi Palace A & B – Dubai
December 13, 2015

My Tower - Dubai Marina

My Tower is a residential building of 36 floors and more than 400 units located in the heart of Dubai Marina.

The project started in 2007 but suffered a lot of stoppages and slowing downs because of the crisis and the cash flow coming from the buyers.

Acting as Client’s Representative for both the Developer and the most important Investor in the project, Best Prime set the construction program at site with the consultant Dimensions Engineering Consultants and the main contractor Dubco Construction to match the project cash flow in order to have a constant progress without any stoppage. The regularity of construction helped also the collection from the clients who increased their confidence in the completion and handing over of the building.

Project Status

  • Service Completion100%

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