Logistic Centres – Northern Italy

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January 10, 2016

Logistic Centres - Northern Italy

In the past years Northern Italy has represented one of the main points of attraction for logistics infrastructures, given its position along Corridor 5 Lisbon-Lyon-Milan-Verona-Trieste-Lubiana-Kiev.

On 10 plots owned by a leading industrial group and located along Corridor 5 between Verona and Turin for a total area of 580,000 Sqm, we developed 310,000 Sqm GLA of warehouses respecting the most modern structural and distributional criteria.

We then proceed to rent each building lot by lot to primary logistic companies and sell them to mutual funds who were interested to invest in rented properties which guaranteed a good yield.

We also installed some photovoltaic plants on the roof of few buildings thanks to the incentives promoted by Italian Government managing to increase the profitability of the development.

Project Status

  • Service Completion100%

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